News September

Hi there!


Sad to say, but no new pictures this month. =/

I worked at-side last month and the most time i spend in woods as lumberjack. The rest of the time i restructered databases and make adjustments on network to improve there security for some companies. Realy important, but quiet boring looking stuff. Another point was calculations for marketing with realy highclass maths and created an tool for it with a good friend which is programer, so it simple can used by the salesmans. The workers loved it, so the job was well done at all - I like satisfied customers! :)

Sadly no picture of this too - non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with customer. I hope this tool helps him and more i hope he comes back with a follow-up order. The technican from the company, with that i have designated the solutions was very pleasant to work with.


At the moment i work the most time on a PDM/PLM system for a company. They go from one PDM to a newer, greater, better version. Alot of work. Restructur the database, redesign workflows with them and so on...


The good news (for pictures):

I spoke to some people and me maybe soon we have a new project with alot of rendering. If we get it, it will be nice pictures. It's a story based web-comic or web-game (i'm not sure) and me with a team maybe will make the whole rendering stuff for them. The team looks very creative and motivated. As i know are there some financial problems at the moment, but according them this soon be solved - i hope so! I like people with new ideas, which can i help to find a soltion ^^


So long, Stay tuned and have a nice day!







News August

Hi there,


no realy somthing of interest to upload last moth. i worked at-side and we restaurate some rooms. My other works was some database cleanups for diffrent companies, so there is nothing realy interessting to see.


Hopefully next time there is more. I started a new engineering project, so maybe there are pics that i can publish!








News this month

Hi There,


Some news this month. I made rendering for SHS-design, for there product "Lift-Up Desktop" which can be found here >LINK<. This a high-definition realstic redering for marketing.


You can found a compilation on my HP here >LINK<


I also made the Homepage for them, sadly i cant finished because missing informtions from client, but it will be growing. Take a look on there Homepage "" The product is quiet good at all.









"130_Marketing" section online

Hi all,

i put the marketing section online. Not a great deal but news are news. ^^


Have a nice day,

Yours Lord Noc